Thanksgiving Day


Good Memories in Fundyland!

Fundyland’s trials and low-points don’t take the genuine enjoyment that life brings. One of the good memories is Thanksgiving. With the obligatory fundyland worship service out of the way, family gathers for festivities. Older siblings return home for the holiday. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and grandparents swell the family ranks. And there was food. Good food. And there was plenty of it. As a child, I imagined that this must be a bit of what heaven would be.

For some, Thanksgiving can mean certain challenges. Kitchen trump-noble-clownmiracles don’t happen by themselves, and women have long born the brunt of the work load that stands behind the culinary marvels being revealed across the land.

Moreover, some will find themselves at odds with still-in-fundyland relatives.

Religion is a touchy subject that some people just can’t leave alone. This year, there is President-elect Donald Trump to be discussed. Visions of this man vary widely, and I’d be surprised if he isn’t the focus of at least one or two conversations.

I have no fool-proof plan for those who love their families but loathe their politics and/or religion. Some advocate making a mental list of relatively innocuous alternate topic such as sports, work, projects around the house, what the kids are doing at school [drama club, science project, swim team], vacation stories, etc.

Navigating those conversations isn’t easy, especially since the most dysfunctional may be the most dogmatic. Arguably, the same thing that makes fundamentalists ‘fundamentalists’ is also what makes them difficult dinner guests.

If all else fails, you can expect that some future Friday Challenge will afford opportunity to share this familial disaster to the world.

Blessings and a Happy Thanksgiving to All!