The Devil’s Holiday — Halloween


Ah Halloween!

Named more accurately as ‘Helloween,’ this is the time of year when Christian Fundamentalists add their own touch to this demonic holiday!

Halloween as Jack Chick's Best Work

If scary narrative stuff is the object of this underworld calendar event, few can elevate the plot to the height achieved by Jack Chick.


What Jack Chick attempts on comic level, Pastor David L. Brown, President of Logos Communication Consortium Inc., does seriously. To him, Halloween is more than black cats, costumes, and bobbing for apples. It’s druidism and shamanism. As Brown has it, these seemingly innocuous practices actually recreate occult rituals by which children are inducted into Satan’s service. By no means are these Pastor Brown’s only eccentricities. It was tempting to post this article as a FWOTW. But why deny Dr. Brown the opportunity to remind us remind us of this IFB distinctive without that distraction?

Taunting Satanic Powers

In my opinion, demonic powers operate all to freely in the world, and with far more realism than Halloween practices suggest. Pastor Brown is undoubtedly dismayed that I don’t see satanic import in Jack-o-Lanterns. I’m dismayed that many fundies see no satanic import in America’s involvement in at least seven, undeclared wars on countries that post no threat to us. And how if not by satanic delusion do we remain blithely disinterested in drone attacks on school yards and funeral processions?

Earlier this month, Russia moved sophisticated, Iskander 400 short-range nuclear capable ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad, where they can strike NATO bases in the Baltic states and Poland. Meanwhile, Senator Clinton calls for a ‘no fly’ zone in Syria. Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is clear that this would mean war with Russia. I suspect Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov and the top, Defense Ministry spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, would agree.

Yet a fortnight before a national election, US citizens live under a virtual media blackout on the state of US-Russia relations, which are at the lowest point any time since the height of the Cold War. Incomprehensible as it is to me, politically active IFB pastors across the land are deemed to be ‘spiritually in-tune’ or ‘politically conscious.’ Why? They take ‘stands’ on Halloween. That’s perceptive! Oh, and he’s voting for my candidate.

Citizens ought to feel outright rebellious that peace and justice have absolutely no official political representation in the US political system whatsoever. This would not be so had the church an alternative vision. But supposing that they are spiritually and politically aware, pastors are too often blind to true horrors and offer not guidance but the grossest spiritual misguidance imaginable. And they are also politically illiterate.

But thank God — they stand courageously against Halloween.


May all all children tonight be safe, and they find love and beauty in all things despite the ways of the church and the state.