Patriarchy and “The Propriety of Rape”

Patriarchy Personified

Doug Wilson, Patriarchy and Rape

No stranger to controversy, Doug Wilson has kicked a hornet’s nest.

Since this is Doug Wilson, he is [quite naturally] peddling patriarchy. But particularly odious is the unstated premise that by not accepting his perspective, women act as agents in their own injury.

Ignoring the fact that our society rests upon a system of laws enforced by police workers and supported by courts where judges hand out sentences to law breakers, Mr. Wilson makes men the protectors of women.

Well…Some Men

In Doug’s bizarre vision, men are classified as predators and defenders. The safety of women is contingent on dutiful submission to defender men. And if women refuse the place of submission Doug defines for them?

‘One consequence of rejecting the protection of good men is that you are opening yourself up to the ‘predations of bad men.’

Rather than stating grounds for his view, Mr. Wilson speculates on what hypothetical consequences may befall an ‘egalitarian and very foolish reason’ for refusing a man’s protection. We all know how flattering it is to have ‘foolish’ reasoning. The ‘foolish’ and ‘irrational woman motifs aside, don’t miss the thinly veiled threat to ‘accept’ male protection — or else.

‘Protection.’ Ignoring the mob business racket, let us ask exactly how it ‘helps’ to make public safety contingent on the elevation the chauvinistic impulses of those who claim to be ‘charged’ as protectors?

Speaking of chauvinism, Mr. Wilson sets up his article by reminding us that ‘young Muslim men can grope women ad libitum,’ and that ‘the women are the ones blamed.’ No irony there, right?