FWOTW: Meet Cutting Edge Ministries


Cutting Edge is an Independent Fundamental Baptist outreach ministry. We know this because they say so.

‘Our Christian organization is a fundamental independent Baptist Church outreach ministry. We are dedicated to the Scriptures as the only revelation of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.’

There website material is carefully organized and presented. Again, we know this because they say:

‘…we know you’ll find what you are seeking in our carefully organized and presented material.’

So what does all this carefully organized and presented material look like?

To see pastor Billy Crone’s website wonder click here! If that isn’t enough, visit Cutting Edge on Facebook. For those heavily into self-flagellation,  find more of pastor Crone at the Get A Life ministries website. And this by no means exhausts Billy’s online articles and videos. Like this stuff…


And don’t forget the ‘Cutting Edge Newsletter.’

In fact Billy Crone brings together more ‘weird’ than most people see in a lifetime. Readers may need several days to sort through Billy’s wonders, and quirky ‘insights’ on Christian faith and life. Have fun, everyone!

FWOTW — Regency Baptist Church [NT Version]


Regency Baptist gives us today’s FWOTW. ‘Regency’ is atypical as a congregational name. Perhaps these good people wanted the majesty of ‘Christ the King’ without the appalling liability of being Episcopalian.

Soulwinning and ‘Education’

Regency is a soul-winning congregation. regency-baptist-of-souls-orangevaleYou know this because at Regency, opportunities for soul-winning are frequent. In fact at Regency, it seems that people are not people. They are ‘opportunities’ and ‘souls to win.’

Tuesday, men’s soul-winning.
Wednesday, teen soul-winning [during the school year].
Saturday, All church soul-winning.

The teen soul-winning program begins at 2:30 pm. This is curious since teens are usually in school at that time. So what’s going on here? Well, we have a theory.

Regency apparently has its own school. Regency Baptist Academy is a K-12 ‘school’ which is maintained at 6830 Hazel Avenue, Orangevale, CA. It happens that this is also where the Regency Baptist congregation meets.

Our best guess is that every Wednesday, the A Beka curricular materials are retired and teens are unleashed to win souls in Orangevale, CA. This would explain why teen soul-winning is limited to the school year.

But don’t think for a moment that this means Regency Academy has lax standards. Just check out the standards for entering Regency Academy!

Singing and ‘Devotions’


Steve R. Nichols pastors Regency Baptist. Pastor Steve both preaches and sings, although we’re not sure which he is doing on the left. With his singing family, Steve Ray [not the Comedy Music King, Ray Stevens] has produced several musical CDs including ‘Lets Build That Wall!’

Pastor Steve Nichols has also written devotionals which Regency says are ‘filled with Bible truths and inspiration for Christians.’ One example of his fine work is Luciferian Cursing Champs. With a source more explicit than we expect preachers to know, he expounds the real meaning of outbursts such as ‘Gosh, Golly, Gee and Geez‘ and the like. This seems to compliment well the ‘beliefs’ section of the website.

If preachers pick ‘great preachers’ who become their mentors, Nichols is no exception. He tells us who he regards as one of God’s ‘greatest.’

I wondered whether this should be a FWOTW or Friday Challenge in which I invited people to list all the things that scream, ‘fundamentalism.’ Since Darrell’s original SFL occasionally did a Friday Challenge on a day other than Friday, replies from either perspective will be honored. Blessings!

Our Pastor | Regency Baptist Church

FWOTW — Dick and the Lord’s Hand

FWOTW -- Determined Ministries

The Lord’s Hand

The ‘Determined Ministries’ website says that…

‘While training for the Lord’s service at Ambassador Baptist College it was evident that the Lord’s hand was on Brother Richard. He was named the recipient of the prestigious Hand Revival Ministries Scholarship given to the student showing the greatest promise in Evangelism … [emphasis added]’

Since it was the Lord’s hand that was on Brother Richard, and since he received the ‘Hand Revival Ministries Scholarship,’ I assume that Richard [may I call you Dick?] is the Lord’s hand.

‘Revival’ is a prominent, Fundamentalist theme. You pray for revival, hope for revival, repent for revival, work for revival, meet for revival and preach for revival, and more. Presumably, you yourself are relivable.

‘Revive’ is a Bible word; but it isn’t a common one. And it’s mainly an OT word. The KJV uses it 14 times in the OT, and not necessarily in ways that fundamentalists mean. The New American Standard is more forgiving with 29 uses. More than half of these are in Ps 119. In the NT, we get Lu 15:24 in ‘this son of mine was dead and has come to life again,’ in Ro 7:9, ‘sin revived and I died,’ and Phil 4:10, ‘you revived your concern for me.’

Fundamentalism’s heavy emphasis on revival isn’t found in Scripture. Yet the website states that Dick has conducted over 650 revivals. It seems that having or being the Lord’s Hand has its privileges.

Schedule Revival

Speaking of scheduling revival [since that’s apparently how it happens], you can download Dick’s pre-meeting [revival?] information here. Among those documents is a personal checklist for revival. It asks about your prayer life, devotional life, unconfessed sin, stubbornness [disagreeing with the visiting evangelist, perhaps?], and more.

Dick’s doctrinal statement is uniquely organized. As a rule, doctrinal statements begin with God — Father, Son and Spirit, and describe their works. Then comes revelation, creation, the fall, redemption, last things and the like. Not so with the Lord’s hand.

Dick’s statement starts with the Bible, goes to Textus Recptus, the KJV [i.e., Textus Recptus again], the Trinity, creation, need of salvation, the works of Christ, our conscious existence after death, moral responsibility, eternal security, the great commission, the works of Christ again, eschatology, charismatic gifts and … well … you get the idea.

For the brave of heart, several videos are available. After several minutes, it occurred to me that Dick organizes sermons on the same principle he uses for writing his doctrine statement.