Your Church May Not Be Fundamentalist If…


You’re supposed to be in church. Even if I’m home at my desk and on my computer Sunday morning, you’re supposed to be in church.

But being in church isn’t enough.

You must also be in the correct ‘church.’ That means no church at all, but an independent, fundamentalist Baptist sectarian ‘church.’ Here we meet a problem. Sects take to themselves the name ‘church.’ So how can we tell the churches we’re supposed to abandon from the sectarian gathering that IFBs tell us to attend? It comes down to this:

You may not be with Fundamentalists If…

  • You never heard sermons on “authority” except that of God and Scripture.
  • You never heard a sermon on one-way submission.
  • You never heard a sermon outlining what women cannot do.
  • You never heard women shamed for their clothes or appearance.
  • You never heard a sermon saying that girls who have sex are soiled.
  • You never saw pastors as Christian celebrities.
  • You never heard that you were a lesser Christian if you didn’t believe some secondary doctrine.
  • You never saw leaders fleece the flock or general church weirdness.
  • You always felt a profound respect and love for pastor’s service.
  • You were encouraged to study the Bible, church fathers, systematics, etc.