The Fundamental Focus


When in worship services, fundamentalists know where their focus is supposed to be. You’re sitting up, shutting up, and listening up to the guy in front. Or you’d better. You would be the first person ever to be called out if you were caught dozing in service. But then as the song says …

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it …

And we’ve all been there — there and elsewhere — while in service.

What Happens In Others’ Heads

Many fixate on afternoon activities — the cookout, the youth event [please Lord — let that cute guy/girl notice me]! On Superbowl Sunday, there are many fantasies about that great play they hope is coming.

There is the project that must be turned in Monday morning. Another dreads and plans strategy for the talk with a spouse they know is coming. Another prays that his bid on that motorcycle will prevail. A guy just given a new fishing reel spends service at the lake, enjoying the action of that wondrous device and catching fish.

Plenty of things happen in service beside worship. We all know it and all do it. And even though we know that we’re not supposed to practice our righteousness to be seen by men, we ourselves may have offered up an appropriately timed ‘a-men’ or ‘preach it’ lest Reverend begin to wonder about their glassy-eyed look.

Then there was that amusing time Reverend got carried away with his own lucidity and backed himself into literary corner. What began as a great point wound up as a sentence that couldn’t be finished. You just have to wonder what did it.