Friday Challenge — Caption Contest

Friday Challenge -- Caption Contest
Trolls debating the best way to cook dwarves… OR using Jedi mind-tricks on the American public?

Friday Challenge: Caption Contest!

Towering intellect, unassailable convictions, unimpeachable policies, unequaled integrity, unmatched service, upholding civilization’s banner, vanishing evil and vanquishing injustice — America, behold your leaders!

Today’s Friday challenge: Submit captions for our SFL photo! An honorary mention for all submissions with an IFB slant…

May all your politicians reek with evangelical sincerity!

Rules of Play!

Submissions may address either of these illustrious figures, or both of them.

You may address their differing insights on some civic issue[s].

You may suggest what they’re thinking/saying about each other.

You may put words in their mouths and make them say whatever you want. They’re politicians. They understand that game …

If this is no fun, invent your own rule[s] and offer your captions accordingly!

In short, you MUST have fun! After all … this is politics.

Who really believes anything they say anyway!

‘America — The BEST politicians money can buy!’

No post yesterday. Hopefully, somebody noticed! The keyboard I was using died. Anyway, I was able to acquire another. While still strange to me, this one moves the magic cursor across the pixel screen without complaint.