6 thoughts on “Promises”

  1. This is probably harsh, but it seems like “I’ll pray for you” is often just a way of assuaging the conscious while not actually doing anything to help.

  2. Nah that’s not too harsh. That is spot on !! Because people sometimes don’t really want to get their hands dirty or have to use their time to help others. It is in our selfish nature to only want what we want and only really care about ourselves. But we know that we shouldn’t be this way.

  3. Um… that was supposed to be “conscience,” not “conscious.” Sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain. Assuaging the conscious would most definitely NOT be a good thing. 🙂 Sorry!

  4. Remember New York Times headline when all the Republicans were sending their “prayers”


    1. Dear Bill Maher:

      Who would have expected the answer to come as a dolt who discusses his genitalia on national television …

      Rolls eyes.


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