A Past with a Future

We've all seen the future in the past. But for dispensationalists, the future is like a drug that you smoke. Recommendation: 'Don't inhale!'

In the beginning was Darrell.
And Darrell peered at the void.
And Darrell saw that the void was dark and formless,
And that it insufficiently separated darkness from light.

And Darrell was with the idea.
Then Darrell said:

‘Let there be Stuff Fundies Like!’

And it was so.

And Darrell saw that Stuff Fundies Like was all very good.
And so by the way did many others …

Some texted posts to SFL from their cars.
Some posted from work and some from home.
Some posted from their IFB gatherings during service.

Some were from great cities and some from tiny hamlets.
Some were from parts near and some from far off lands.

Some came from within fundystan,
Some came while considering fundystan,
And some came after fundystan.

Some came to lurk, reading for years,
Learning, assessing and considering long
Before making their presence known.

Some were born into the IFB movement.
Some were converted by the IFB movement.
And some, IFB sects seduced from churches.

Some attended Pensacola or Hyles-Anderson.
Some attended Bob Jones Snob Clones.
Some attended unheard of trailer-colleges.
Some attended no IFB schools at all.

Some were laborers and some were professionals.
Some were IFB staffers and some were missionaries.
Some were stay-at-home moms/dads, some had careers.
Some needed work and came to forget life’s woes…

Some came because their IFB preacher was a lout.
Some came because the IFB ‘preaching’ was ghastly!
Some came because IFB culture was criminally corrupt.
Some were driven to SFL by insane, IFB right-wing fanaticism.
Some came to escape death by poisonous ‘spirituality.’
Some came fleeing the blatant, pharisaic hypocrisy.
And some came because they outgrew Fundystan.

[Remember the blazer-swinging gorillas at youth conference]?

Some came who lost dear friends, family, or a job.
Some came heart-broken, disillusioned and betrayed.
Some came after experiencing horrific abuse and injustice.
Some came deeply wounded in heart, mind and soul.
Some came timidly, yet drawn “irresistibly” by the light
As if destined to do so by some obscure, Provident decree…

Some came angry at God.
Some came trying to believe.
Some came after all faith had left.
Some came trying to re-conceive faith.

Some came seeking hope.
Some came seeking healing.
Some came seeking perspective.
Some came seeking general abusement.

Some were moved to tears.
Some were moved to anger.
Some were moved to derision.
Some were moved to laughter.

Some found encouragement.
Some found wise and godly council.
Some found true freedom in Christ.
Some found themselves blessed
Simply to consider the lives
Of God’s dear children in Sri Lanka…

Some came as Christians.
Some came as believers of other faiths.
Some came who never had faith at all.
All were accepted and respected.

But there were also trolls in that land.
Hideous, Horrible, Heinous trolls!

Some trolls were obvious trolls.
But other trolls crept in unawares.

And trolls came secretly to spy out Stuff Fundies Like liberty.
Then those trolls started feeling all self-righteously indignant.
And they were roaring and belching blood, guts and thunder.
And they began to curse and to flail those just fleeing the void.

But those who escaped that dark vomit would not abide those trolls.
They ceded to those trolls not for one hour so that SFL might remain!

Instead, they grew up everywhere like thorns all around those trolls.
And with one accord, they began to choke those trolls and throttle them.

They said, ‘throw them down!’
So they cast down those trolls.

And they said, ‘throw them down some more!’
So they cast down those trolls some more.

Seventy times seven they cast down those trolls!
But if any dogs came, none would lick their sores.

Then some trolls became sore afraid and left squealing.
And the rest of those evil trolls, Darrell in time banished.
He cast them into the darkness that awaits their master.
He cast them to that dark void they both loath and love.
So balance was restored and SFL had rest from war.

And still, from the four corners of the earth, they came!
From the East and the West, they came.
From the North and the South they came.
Thanks to IFBs, SFL continued to increase almost daily.

For seven years, Darrell did the SFL work.
Then after the eighth year, Darrell rested.

Many at Stuff Fundies Like, grieved.
For although they loved Darrell deeply,
And were grateful for his years of labor,
By now, SFL was more than Darrell.

And still, more discovered SFL and came!
They sought the same hope and healing
That we ourselves so often received at SFL!
Others needed the SFL community still!

Because as long as there are Fundies,
There must still be Stuff Fundies Like.

We await the Acts 3:21 restoration of all things.
Can we also believe Stuff Fundies Like Reborn?

52 thoughts on “A Past with a Future”

    1. Dear sue c:

      Glad you enjoyed this! I enjoyed writing it. I’m sure there will be rough spots as I learn the ‘ins-and-outs’ of this. [Wish I had Darrell’s technical know-how]! Hang in there as I keep learning [hopefully]!

        1. Dear Rtgmath:

          Thank you for the encouragement! Some of these days, I’ll figure out how to do that mouse-over thing… Blessings!

    1. Dear Miss TTU Runner-Up:

      Thank you for the encouragement! I’m sure navigating this thing will produce times when I need it! LOL! Blessings!

  1. Best wishes on the new site here! As I said on the last post on the old site, I hope it’s at least as interesting and engrossing as the old place.

  2. Oh, cool! It happened! I was lurking to see if you would be able to get this going and you made it happen! Congrats!!!

    I bestow The Great And Powerful Golden Butt Cushion to our Grand Master. May you live long and prosperous. (Yes, that’s mixing Star Wars with Star Trek. Deal with it. 😋)

    1. Dear Natalie:

      I’ve been a long-time fan both of Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve read the Lord of the Rings trilogy repeatedly, and I have spoken publicly on the sacramental [baptismal] import of the name ‘ANDY’ in the Toy Story series. The much coveted and highly celebrated butt cushion has already been bestowed. Honestly though, I believe that Stephen got it first. For launch day, perhaps we should say ‘honorary butt cushion’ for all who post on launch day! Blessings!

      1. No, this is a special butt cushion belonging to the originator and innovator of this new site. That, Sir, is you. I shall not retract.

        1. Dear Natalie:

          I’d hoped that after initial approval, people could make further posts automatically. I just discovered that this didn’t happen. I gotta figure out how to fix that. In the mean time, thanks for watching out for my butt … er … whatever. Blessings!

  3. I’m able to reply to someone else’s post, but not sure how I can ever be “first” again. There is no “comments” link on the sidebar.

    But, I’m thrilled that SFL is back!!!

  4. Dear Christian Socialist:

    I’ve been quiet about your plans and work to reincarnate SFL, but would like now to offer my encouragement and congratulations. I don’t know how active I will be here in the long run, but I’ll certainly be looking forward to new posts in the coming days.

    I don’t think you could have chosen a better picture for the first post, both for those who want SFL to continue and those who have decided to move on and move forward with their lives. I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle, so the picture looks a lot like the picture in Darrell’s final post. In the end I may find that my goodbye took a lot longer than I wanted it to (goodbye in the sense that I don’t need SFL like I did when I first started to wake up). Becoming completely free from fundamentalism is a continuing process. In any case, there’s no group of people I’d rather be doing this with.

    Here’s hoping that more people than ever will get the healing and validation they need as they read this site, and the old one while it is up.

    1. Dear leo the lamb:

      Thank you for a thoughtful comment.

      I seriously considered using Darrell’s last photo [the road] for the launch post. Both your points [a continuing SFL site and a decision to ‘move on’] helped frame my decision to go with the one I used. My decision was also informed by those still in fundamentalism and just beginning to rethink the direction of their lives.

      Across the years, a number of SFL lurkers came who reconsidered their devotion to fundamentalism in the temple of their own minds. I want such a place for them.

      My short-lived flirtation with fundamentalism ended long ago. In that time, I learned enough to see that your observation about fundamentalism’s continuing hold is well-founded. Bruce Gerencser arguably knows fundamentalism as well as any man alive, and he has said the same.

      People can be a lifetime throwing off fundamentalism’s doubts, fears and pharisaic tendencies. My heart goes out to them. Whatever you decide, your friendship is appreciated. Drop by anytime! Blessings!

      1. I was just watching a video of doctors dancing in a pediatric cancer ward, and I couldn’t help but think if my former fundy self had been there, I would have felt that I would have had to close the door to separate myself from the “worldly” music and “sinful” dancing. I’m so glad I don’t believe that anymore, but I am still VERY aware of the contrasts between where I used to be and where I am now. I want to be Christlike, but I want to do it in a loving, compassionate, joyful way, connected with other people not separated from them.

        (So even though I’m out of fundamentalism, I still deal with some residual effects.)

        1. Dear IwasPastor’sWife:

          So good to have you join our band!

          I read your first clause about doctors dancing in a children’s cancer ward — and my heart was moved. That malady, those kids and their doctors! Of all that they do for these children, that dance may be their fondest memory and what most raised their tender spirits at this time. Is there any other way to be Christlike than to be loving, compassionately and joyfully connected to others?

          When I arrived at Stuff Fundies Like years ago, participants were slow to warm up to me. I was perfectly aware that my moniker had a ‘trollish’ look about it. But it was YOU who first broke the ice and began replying to my posts. I’ve always appreciated that about you, IwasPastor’sWife. Here’s looking to good times ahead at Stuff Fundies Like. Blessings!

        2. You said, “(So even though I’m out of fundamentalism, I still deal with some residual effects.)”

          So do I.

          1. It will go away. In time. At least, it did for me, but it took nearly a decade. Remember, God will not zap you. He doesn’t work that way.

  5. A sigh of relief. We can do this! I’ll still have people to talk to.

    SFLII is necessary for those of us who really can’t talk to people close to us about our feelings (or the facts!) of Fun-dumb-mental-ism!

    Ever notice that it sounds like a disease?

    My wife is not a person I can talk to about this topic, so you folk have all become pretty important!

    Thanks for the impressive poetry. I’m sure we will see some Poe-etry soon in some of the comments.

  6. Ok, on this new vessel I just want to know where the Tool Shed is and The White Piano Lounge are?

    Now if everyone will man the oars we’ll get this inaugural cruise of the BPOGPBS II underway… 😉

    1. Dear AmazedbyGrace:

      Planning on it! Like anything else, I just gotta figure out how to do it… For now, I suggest going to the forum for the original site and contact ‘Christian Socialist’ by private message. Blessings!

  7. Dear Christian Socialist:
    Thank you so much for creating this sequel to SFL. I echo rtgmath’s sentiment that I need a place to talk to friends about the evils of fundamentalism. Most of the people I know look at me like I’m crazy when I bring up the subject. I’m looking forward to many good conversations.

  8. I’m really excited about this. Thank-you for letting this wonderful site relaunch and continue.


  9. It’s back! You got the band back together! And yes, I feel it’s a mission from God. *hands dark sunglasses out to everyone*

    I think this was and is still an incredibly important place for healing and friendship; I know SFLI helped me sooooo much in my journey out of fundamentalism, and I believe SFLII will continue the good work.

    It’s so good to see so many familiar names. 🙂 Hi everybody!

    1. Dear CaffeinatedSquirrel:

      We’re working on it. I have tonnes to learn about doing a website. But your concern to have some persistent, low-profile voice for those reconsidering their commitment to fundamentalism was key in my thinking. Plus, the community is a blessing and at the same time, a fascination. What a diverse little band this has drawn together! Oh, thanks for the sunglasses! Blessings!

  10. I must admit that I hesitated before coming here, C.S.!

    Prior to reminding myself of so many positive contributions you made to my exodus from fundamentalism, I was at the place where I believed I was truly moving on…two and one half years after leaving. In still not sure I want “think on these things. ”

    However, out of respect to you personally I say, “thank you, and I wish you great success and satisfaction in this your new endeavor!”


    1. Dear BigRed1:

      Thank you for the gracious words. And thank-you so much for dropping in on us! I believed that for those ‘escaping the void,’ the ‘SFL community’ together offered much more perspective and healing that one person could bring. My hope is that enough ‘critical mass’ sticks around so this endeavor is helpful for those who need it. I hope you’ll continue to drop in on us from time to time. Blessings and much appreciation, BR1!

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