Inaugural Prayers

inaugural prayers

During the revolutionary war, a cleric delivered a fiery message about liberty. At the conclusion, he threw off his black clerical robe to reveal a uniform. He led his congregation out the door to join the patriots in fighting united empire loyalists.

For all the talk about church/state separation, faith leaders and politicians in the US have always looked to each other for support. Of course, that is different from the church forming a constitution or government for the state. It is also different than the state forming a creed or polity for the church. But the symbiosis has always been there.

The coming invocation of President-elect Donald Trump is no different. The word is that there will be a plethora of ‘faith leaders’ on hand to bask in the earthly glory of the event. No doubt, good, ‘separated’ [whatever THAT means] fundamentalists will cheer this as a good thing.

Friday Challenge:

Today’s challenge is to offer a few thoughts as to WHAT should be prayed at the upcoming Presidential inauguration. Earthly power, wealth and glory? Victory and the destruction of all our enemies? The establishment of US freedom/hegemony? Peace and Justice? The grace of God’s kingdom?

Perhaps clergy should boycott the inauguration.

In this context, what does faithfulness ‘look like?’

Fundamentalism’s Creationist Conundrum


Creationism’s Conundrum

James F. McGrath teaches at Butler University in the Department of New Testament Language and Literature. He believes that ‘intelligent design’ can be challenged not only on scientific grounds but also on a theological basis as well. Perhaps someone will see fit to put Dr. McGrath’s beguiling question to a fundie family member or friend.

James McGrath addresses a number of subjects readers may find interesting, including the role of religion in Doctor Who and Star Trek.


FWOTW — Mario Murillo Ministries

Complete with mouse-over effect …

Meet Mario Murillo Ministries!

The big question now is what does the church do now that Trump is president?  In new blogs I will open my heart to you about the radical steps the church must take to seize this greatest soul winning opportunity in our lifetime.  Once again we must change the way we relate to government.

I know we need fresh fire.  Prayer, repentance and waiting for new orders are the keys for the American church in 2017.

One thing is certain…success will not tame this blog.  It will continue to keep its edge.  It will continue to provoke, stretch and force minds to think and hearts to examine themselves.

Wait — am I to infer that the elevation of Mr. Trump is somehow related to the greatest soul-winning opportunity in our lifetime? Exactly how are these things connected, and why am I supposed to believe that they are? Does this guy truly believe that Trump is a ‘Cyrus’ figure who ‘buys the church time to repent and return to her rightful influence on America?’

Assertions of Obama’s war with us together with proclamations of his peanuts-discovers-fwotwhatred of America, of Israel and of Christians, plus the assertions that Bill and Hillary Clinton may be involved in sex trafficking — these barely etch a scratch in the surface of the bizarre website which identifies itself as Mario Murillo Ministries.

So consistently is Mr. Murillo’s website not only political but also blatantly partisan that I’ve asked myself if he is a political operative who intentionally retains an evangelical block as a rapid deployment political force.

More mouse-over effects …

If Mario produces the bulk of his blog posts himself, he has too much time on his hands. In any event, nothing says FWOTW quite like Mario Murillo.

[Brandy may be helpful for those reviewing Mario’s past posts].

Teaching: Hyles-Anderson College Style

Hyles-Anderson 'pragmatic' declaration
From the 2016-17 Hyles-Anderson College Catalogue

Saint William James’ Pragmatism

William James had a remarkable mind and his brilliant work has marked him as one of America’s great philosophers of Pragmatism. What may not be so widely known is that James’ mark can still be seen in the Hyles-Anderson ‘Christian’ College.

Techniques, Methods, Programs and Philosophies

‘… our curriculum emphasizes the practical side of church ministries, the “how-to-do-its.”‘

Techniques, methods, programs and philosophies do, after all, sound highly pragmatic. At least we know what truly drives Hyles-Anderson College. May we lift a glass to Saint William James?