Friday Challenge — Black Sheep Matter


Meet the Black Sheep

David Haywood’s ‘Black Sheep Matter’ cartoon generated some indignant responses based on the presumed reference to ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Yet for those raised in Independent Fundamental Baptist sects, the ‘black sheep’ metaphor takes on other connotations. The ‘black sheep’ of the family was the kid in the stuffed quiver that never took well to the quiver. The ‘black sheep’ was the one that caused the parents much of the grief. The ‘black sheep’ may be the member or adherent that left the IFB fellowship. Or, said sheep may actually have had the gumption to stand up and call out the preacher, telling him from the Bible why he’s wrong.

George Orwell’s works contain a number of famous lines. Perhaps one of the better known is taken from the last of the seven commandments found in Animal Farm. It said:

All animals are equal.

But as we know, some animals are more equal than others.

Today’s [Black Sheep] Friday Challenge

In the spirit of the Naked Pastor’s cartoon, and Orwell’s famous line from Animal Farm, what ‘more-or-less-equal’ sheep and/or black sheep stories can you relate from your experience or observations in the IFB movement? Do all sheep equally equal? Or is ‘equal’ decided by which family produced this particular sheep? Or maybe how much a sheep matters turns on how much wool the sheep contributes. What if the sheep really is ‘black?’ Or, do other factors count?

Where was this sheep black — in an IFB sect, a Christian Day School, or at Fundy College? What did this sheep do that made it black? Was the phrase, ‘black sheep’ actually used? What happened to that black sheep?

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Friday Challenge — Black Sheep Matter”

  1. Men and women were equal, but men were more equal.

    Virgins and nonvirgins were equal, but virgins were more equal.

    The black sheep were the kids who refused to be anything but themselves, while the kids who played up to the adults (even if they were complete terrors when the adults weren’t around) were praised to high heaven.

    Girls who weren’t majoring in education or nursing were definitely black sheep, as were those who chose to go to secular schools or schools not on the carefully approved list.

    Oh, and any girl who happened to be selected by the College and Career teachers for their socially-challenged son to be the next girl he dated was definitely a black sheep the moment they figured out said girl wasn’t on board with the idea. I went from teachers’ pet to the guy’s mom singlehandedly attempting to preemptively trying to remove me fr the membership roles when I began trying another church for a few weeks. (She actually called my mom to ask her if I could be removed. My mom said no. My parents didn’t stay long either.)

    1. Dear CaffeinatedSquirrel:

      Personally, I love cheeky girls who buck the system. In fact, I sired and raised four of them… 😉

      Thanks for dropping in on us!


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