Friday Challenge — IFB Honky Tonk

Yesterday’s post resurrected the oft-heard complaint that worldly music is ruining churches. But if drum sets and saxophones are taboo in IFB sects, where CAN we find musical genres that will honor God with holy worship?

I propose that Honky Tonk is one such source of Godly music. Ignore the lyrics and the fact that women have legs, and you get good, God honoring music style performed as special music by many an IFB member, visiting evangelists, fundie school/university outreach teams, and more.

Friday Challenge

Today’s Friday Challenge is to find and post your own example of ‘God-honoring’ fundie music to show the rest of us how God really expects and wants us to worship.

Have fun!

1 thought on “Friday Challenge — IFB Honky Tonk”


    Onward Christian Soldiers!! i mean that’s a solid hymn right there. I had god honoring lyrics, no back beat, no repitition, it’s not sensational or emotional (except that it totally does stir emotions 🤔) It can be used to talk about the Greatest of our Christian heritage (by these i mean our Baptist influence only in american history) . It’s not like those CCM songs with there back beat (seriously that term “back beat” just annoyes me like the term “back biting ” ) an there sensationalism and emotional appeal (because emotions are bad in the IFB expect for greif and anguish )

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