Friend Day and Friendship

Friendship and a lunch

Friend Day and Friendship

Ah — Friend Day. Friends are good. We’re supposed to be friendly because that is a good way to socialize others into our IFB sect. Besides, bible people had friends. So should we. What better way to show that we are friendly and to be friends than to host Friend Day!

Actually, the Christian’s calling is to be the presence of Jesus Christ to the world. That certainly is different. It involves plenty of things that may not be a part of friend day. For example in John 15:15, being friends means that Jesus tells his disciples everything. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I suspect that your average IFB sect may be a little less forthcoming.

If Friend Day is exactly what the Bible means by friendship, maybe someone will set me straight on all this. It’s just that Friend Day looks a little too plastic and fake to be particularly ‘inviting’ to me…

3 thoughts on “Friend Day and Friendship”

  1. The thing about being in the Christian Bubble is that all of your friends are just like you, even if they don’t go to the same church. Which means on “Friend Day” or other “Bring a Friend” events (Awana, youth group, etc) you just find a friend who doesn’t attend your church and borrow them for the day.

    1. Dear First time caller and Adam F:

      I think you’re both right on the money. I’m left wondering if these folk really understand anything beyond ‘make friends of God’s children…’


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