Friday Challenge: Fundamental Oddity

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Oddities, Odysseys and Absurdities

There’s no denying that Christians have done some bizarre things. Whether it is building a great statute of Jesus, or threatening to throw oneself out of a tall building unless peoples send money, or building a replica of Noah’s ark, there seems to be no limit to the strange things Christians do. At some point, one wonders ‘why.’

Today’s challenge is to name a truly prize-winning, eye-widening, jaw-dropping, fundamentalist oddity that leaves one standing in wondering befuddlement. Feel free to provide and comment on the rationale for the Oddity.

As an alternative, you can also make submissions for the Odysseys and Absurdities categories. Same rules apply. Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Fundamental Oddity”

  1. Absurdities – Calling themselves “pro life” when they are just actually quite selective about what kinds of life are valuable.

    Abortion = bad
    Capital Punishment = good
    War = good
    Gun control = bad
    Providing free birth control = bad
    Helping mothers care for the children we insisted were valuable = bad

    I’m not in favor of abortion. I believe life is precious. It seems like there are a lot of inconsistencies.

    Also – in regard to what I wrote several weeks ago about the replica of Noah’s ark, I take most of it back. It’s appalling. I hope there is room here for those whose minds are continually changing.

    1. Dear First Time Caller:

      The absence of any thorough-going [consistent] philosophy of life is a deep and abiding flaw in fundamentalism. People sell themselves and their votes to partisan positions based on statements that will never be brought to a vote in our time. When you try to engage people in discussion on their behavior, they switch narratives like baseball cards.

      As for the changing of minds — that depends on where you are. In fundamentalism, you can NEVER change your mind.

      And just see what its done for them! Blessings!

  2. “You can’t go to a movie theater, because people will see you there and automatically assume you are there to see an R-rated movie. Your testimony will be damaged. You can, however, rent movies at the video store.” [yes, I’m old]. Apparently people who frequented Blockbuster were less likely to assume the worst.

    1. Dear Adam F:

      Good idea! I hadn’t heard about Mr. Hovin’s situation. But since you mentioned it, I have found this. That link speaks of a ‘battle’ for control of his ‘ministry.’ The problem with that ought to be apparent to all.

      Good idea of the FWOTW! Thanks for that reminder!


  3. Did anyone see that the tax dodging Ken Hovin is getting a divorce. Yep his wife is leaving him. Saw it on the stufffundieslike forums the old site. Along with a video clip of Steve Anderson the pretend pastor ranting about it !! Another of the idiots of Fundyland is going down for the crimes he commited!! An people in Fundyland are crying Presecution of a “man of God” by the government!!

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