A Short Break

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A Short Break

For some years, I’ve participated in a project requiring preparation and presentation of material several times a year. This is one of those times. Owing to the need to present next week, I’m taking a short break from SFL. God willing, Cleveland will still on the map by Monday 25, and I’ll be back to resume the discussion on the Revelation. Until then, Blessings!

PS: I don’t recall Darrell ever giving homework, but it occurs to me that you hear any IFB commentary on events here in Cleveland next week, that might make a worthy post in itself. Apparently, Westboro Baptist wants to make an appearance. How could it not with such potential for spectacle?

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  1. You are here by fined $100,000 for the state of your workshop. Good lord look at the mess someone is going to trip and fall. lol have fun

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