Friday Challenge — Nine Words

In Fundamentalism, much can be said with little
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Fundamentalism in Nine Words:

What can you say about fundamentalism in nine words?


‘Purporting to preach freedom, fundamentalism frequently delivers the opposite.’

Have at it!

22 thoughts on “Friday Challenge — Nine Words”

  1. So close to freedom, yet content in self-imposed bondage.

    (Really hoping “self-imposed” can count as 1 word!!)

  2. [After reading the springboard Scripture used for the sermon, the pastor says]

    Now close your Bibles and look up at me.

    1. Maybe “priesthood of believer” should have been used in place of individual soul liberty…but I guess both could apply.

  3. Hellywood movies are sanctified if streamed or on DVD.
    Reject “unscriptural” science, unless we need to utilize it.
    All about Jesus – admire pastor’s huge portrait in foyer
    Give tithe/offering – or God will take it anyway.
    Youth group delivered into the hands of Bible college.
    Pastor’s racists dating rules enforced by Bible college administration.

  4. Fundamentalism summarized in 9 words (soapbox alert):

    “That is why we have communion, to examine ourselves. ”

    Let me explain. Jesus said “Do this in remembrance of me.” But fundamentalism is a self-centered religion, so even the Lord’s Supper becomes about oneself. If we spend our days examining ourselves, we are bound to become either disappointed or arrogant. But if we spend our days remembering Jesus and meditating on what he did, there is room for growth.

    1. Mind blown. I had never, ever considered this before. It has always bothered me how infrequently communion is practiced in fundamentalism (only once or twice a year at current church), and how extremely ritualistic it is, but I had not realized how truly skewed it has become.

      And “fundamentalism is a self-centered religion” clicked like the last piece of a puzzle for me. So true. Thanks for your wise words, WorkinMama.

  5. Once saved, always saved. But better go forward again.

    That’s what Jesus said, but what he meant was…

    Grace alone through faith alone. And some other stuff.

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